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About Our Company; MMRG Mold Remediation & Basement Waterproofing LLC

MMRG is an affiliate of the All County Waterproofing Network. It was founded and established in 2010 by 2 brothers Randy & Robert Cece. We are family owned and operated. Although the company is newly licensed, it is an expansion of the ACW Network which has been operating in New Jersey since 1991. So all of the staff, mold inspectors and crew who work for MMRG have decades of experience testing and treating mold.

Why is your company so passionate about mold &  indoor air quality?

In the 1990’s, our primary service was basement waterproofing. In 1995, while installing a waterproofing system, Robert Cece and all of its crew become exposed to toxic mold while removing a sheetrock wall. Back in those days, everyone was skeptical about mold and the last thing they expected was mold was causing this reaction. Within 30 minutes, Robert and his crew fell gravely ill, and everyone in the home started to suffer an extreme reaction to mold.

The home they were working in had been vacant for 3 years, with a leaky water pipe in the basement. So that pipe had been slowly feeding water to a colony of mold in the basement for 3 years straight. Noone had suspected there was any mold, noone saw it, noone smelled it, and home inspections those days weren’t as strict.

What was uncovered behind those walls was a vibrant, black & shiny, 1.5 inch thick, 40 square foot colony of stachybotrys mold! Ignorant to the toxigenic nature of this specific type of mold, the crew kept working for an additional hour. Eventually, everyone in that house became so sick, they were all rushed to the Red Bank hospital. Robert Cece described the experience as one of the worst experiences in his life. You can find his story here.

Needless to say, in order to continue providing waterproofing services, our company was forced to learn a great deal about mold. And everyone became very passionate about the subject. The business went through some fundamental changes, and started providing mold services along with waterproofing.

Members of Our Team

Robert Praizner – President
Stacey Praizner – Customer Service Manager
Randy Cece – Operations Manager
Fallon Cece – Accounting
Robert Cece – Senior Marketing Consultant


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