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Mold Remediation & Testing Monmouth County New Jersey

If you are looking for mold remediation or testing in Monmouth County NJ, then you’ve come to the right place! Although mold grows on dead organic matter everywhere in nature, their presence is only visible to the unaided eye when a mold colony begins to grow. If you have black mold growing on your walls, that does not mean its toxic just because of its color. The color of mold comes from the spores and often the substrate they are growing on. Once you understand this basic concept, you’ll understand that its impossible to identify mold by its color. Many homes in Monmouth County are vulnerable to mold due to the way they were built many years ago. More than 3 decades ago, homes use to be built with plaster. Because plaster is alkaline in nature, mold can not grow on it. But around this time sheet rock became very popular. It was cheaper to make, light, and easy to install. So contractors transitioned from using plaster to sheet rock. Since that happened, many homes in Monmouth County, NJ became very vulnerable to mold.

You may need mold remediation or testing if you notice large visible colonies of mold growing on your walls. But keep in mind that there are many cases where the mold can not be seen. Mold colonies love to grow in between walls on insulation, in basements, underneath your sub floor, in the attic, inside of your HVAC system, mold can thrive in tight and dark areas. Many times when we see mold on the outside of sheetrock, there is 10xs as much mold inside the walls. This is why its important to for a trained inspector to evaluate your home.  A properly trained mold inspector can identify exactly what strains of mold are in your Monmouth County home. They can use special tools and equipment to estimate how serious the problem is, and whether or not remediation will be needed.

Keep in mind, you won’t always need mold testing on your Monmouth County home. When there are large amounts of visible mold anywhere within a residence, remediation will be recommended regardless of the strain type. Even if the mold doesn’t produce harmful mycotoxins, it is still eating away at the structure of your home. It triggers accelerated aging to all organic materials. Studs will rot, floors, walls, anything organic mold will devour. So mold remediation is not always done to protect people from harmful mycotoxins. A lot of times its done just to preserve the value of a home. If your New Jersey home has a serious mold problem, you will not be able to sell the property without remediating the mold. So if you’re looking for mold testing, remediation or removal in Monmouth County, NJ – then give us a call. Our experienced mold inspectors can help you with any questions you might have. And all of our mold inspections are 100% free.

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