Mold Testing – An Introduction


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Mold Testing – An Introduction

Mold spores are found everywhere in our environment. High concentrations of any mold in living or work environments must be considered unacceptable because of the possible health problems and structural damage. If mold is present, it is important to answer the questions “What kind?” and “How much?” The purpose of mold testing in New Jersey, is to collect samples for a qualified laboratory (we use a world renowned lab) to answer these questions.

Molds are identified under a microscope. A common comparison we like to make regarding the size of most molds is to most mirrors used to look for the imperfections in our skin. Most women (and men) (when applying make-up) will typically use mirrors with 5x to 10x magnification. These mirrors are also used to look for unwanted fine hairs, sun spots, and a variety of skin concerns. Most lab technicians (or micro-biologists) will use microscopes with 1000x magnification to determine the type of mold. We think you now understand how microscopic mold truly is. You will never see mold flying around in the air like a small insect but its surely there. Mold is naturally occurring in our environment so what is universally accepted are levels equal or less then outdoor levels. What becomes a problem is when those levels become elevated in our indoor air and whether different types of mold are present. Our trained inspectors can tell you whether mold testing should be done the fees associated with them.

Mold Testing – Looking to buy a home or just closed on one?

For new homeowners or someone interested in purchasing a new home, we STRONGLY recommend that you have a mold and water damage inspection performed. Most home inspectors (even the most knowledgeable ones) are not mold experts. They have a broad understanding of common household problems but recognizing chronic moisture or mold conditions should be left to our trained inspectors. We have routinely saved homeowners thousands of dollars and prevented future headaches by educating them on what could eventually become an issue or what is a present day issue.

Don’t take a homeowner by there word or believe a home inspector to be a modern day Albert Einstein. If you are purchasing a home or just want to have a piece of mind that your newly purchased home (congratulations) is a “SICK HOME” then call us for a no-cost consultation. You have nothing to lose and only an education to gain.

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