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Mold Remediation & Testing Middletown New Jersey – 07748

For those who need mold remediation, removal or testing in Middletown NJ – 07748, we can service all your needs. Middletown Township has over 66,000 homes and it is one of the largest townships in NJ. Because of this, we do a lot of business in this area. ┬áThere are many reasons why you can develop mold problems in your home. Poor grading or water drainage problems are a common problem we see. Sometimes if your rain gutters are blocked this can cause water to erode underneath your shingles. If this happens, water can trickle down into the concrete foundation of your home. Any form of rotting wood or animal infestation should be taken seriously. Mold can be triggered by termites, insects or animals chewing or nesting around your home. Sometimes automatic lawn sprinklers will keep exterior walls wet, which can lead to erosion. During the winter, these cracks can freeze and let water inside of your home.

Mold needs water and food to grow. If you see a lot of visible mold in your Middletown home, then you may not need mold testing. When there is lots of visible mold on your walls, it doesn’t really matter what strain the mold is. Regardless of whether the mold is toxic or not, it still poses serious safety hazards for your home. The longer and longer you put off mold remediation or testing, the more and more expensive this problem will become.

If you live in Middletown, NJ – 07748, and you’re looking for a company who does mold remediation, then give us a call. Our senior inspector has been featured on shows such as CBS’s “The Doctors” and we can answer any questions that you might have. Keep in mind, a lot of people try to remediate mold on their own. But 90% of the time, the mold just grows right back. You can not use bleach to kill mold because bleach does not penetrate to the roots of the mold. And it will react with most surfaces (wood & concrete) so quick that it immediately breaks down to salt and water. So what winds up happening, this salt water corrodes surfaces even further and leaves them more vulnerable for mold growth. Our goal for you is to get rid of your mold permanently. We are licensed to use safe, industrial moldicides that will kill all the mold in your Middletown home. Then once the mold is killed, we will encapsulate your walls. These encapsulants last for 30 years so once they are applied, there is no way mold can ever grow back. If you have any questions about mold testing or remediation, in Middletown, NJ – 07748, then feel free to give us a call between 8am – 8pm, Monday – Sunday.


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