Causes of Indoor Air Problems


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What are some of the causes of Indoor Air Problems?

Here is a list of the worse areas for “Relative Moisture Generation.” The list will begin with activities and (or) conditions that are listed from the least to the most MOISTURE GENERATION.

Dishwashing (this causes some moisture has dishes are being cleaned manually or by a machine.


Cooking (some forms of cooking produce significant moisture)


Floor Mopping (If floors are cleaned and not dried quickly, humidity can become elevated)


Bathing/Showers (We are sure you’ve seen your mirror after taking a hot shower)


Family (a family of at least 4 can produce moisture by body heat, moving around, etc)


A Non-Covered crawl space or exposed dirt.


And the number one cause for elevated moisture which can result in indoor air problems are:


–          Leaky pipes

–          Basement or crawl space water seepage

–          Roof leaks

–          Poor building material or ventilation resulting in condensation



Poor indoor air quality can also come from POLLUTANT SOURCES. These sources can be combustion sources such as oil, gas, kerosene, coal, wood, and tobacco products. Some building materials and furnishings can cause poor indoor air if they become wet.


We must never overlook that potential of building occupants as the problem source. Pets, plants, space heaters, furnaces, smoking, solvents in cleaning and hobby activities, redecorating, etc.


Only our highly skilled inspectors can determine the real source!


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