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Basement Mold Remediation in New Jersey

One of the most common areas that mold remediation is done is in the basement. This is because moisture has a tendency to gravitate towards the ground. Even if water is coming in through other areas of your home, it can  trickle down your walls, through your HVAC system, through cracks in the floor, poorly insulated areas, and eventually wind up in your basement. When the moisture levels in your basement rise above 40%, and they stay like that for a long enough time, mold will begin to form colonies. It can start off as a small, seemingly non-invasive problem, that continually gets worse over time.

Another problem that leads to mold growth in your basement is poor ventilation. Moisture will slowly move down to the lowest level of your home. But once it gets there, it is very difficult to remove. Even if you open up your basement windows, the high location of these windows leads to poor ventilation. And this is why we do so much mold remediation in the basements of NJ homes. Some people try to use dehumidifiers. But a dehumidifier will offset humidity levels in your home. The more and more water vapor you pull out of your basement, the more that water vapor will move into the basement. As the basement air becomes lighter and less dense, it begins to pull in moisture from other areas of the home. Then eventually you are pulling out moisture from outside the home as well. This is why we don’t recommend the use of dehumidifiers. They can be useful to dry out an area in order to treat it. But they should never be left on for long periods of time. Anyone who does this is just compensating for a problem that can be fixed with proper ventilation.

When we perform mold remediation in your basement, the first thing we will do is dry out the air. Then we will use special equipment to kill and strip any mold colonies off the surface of your walls. We also use safe, industrial strength moldicides that use a nano based technology. This technology allows the moldicide to penetrate deeply beneath the surface of wood and concrete. This is extremely important when doing mold remediation in the basement of any NJ home. It is also the reason that bleach causes more problems than it solves. Because bleach does not penetrate beneath the surface. And it has a corrosive effect that leaves surfaces more vulnerable to mold. This will actually make it easier for mold to grow in your basement.

If you have any questions about basement mold remediation, and you live in NJ, then feel free to give us a call. You can also use the contact form at the top right of this page. Our mold inspectors are on standby 24/7 to answer your questions. So please do not hesitate to pick up your phone.

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