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Mold Testing in New Jersey
What You Absolutely Must Know About Mold Testing Before Hiring a Mold Company!

Mold testing is the process of identifying different strains of mold. It can also help determine if any toxic strains of mold are colonizing in your home. However, there are many things about mold testing that mold companies like to hide from their clients. Like the fact that most credible sources, advocate against the use of mold testing. The EPA would be a great example of this. Their motto is “if you see it, if you smell it, it has to be removed”. The EPA argues that there are no grounds for mold testing since any amount of mold in a home poses a hazard. And this is fundamentally true. Even if a mold colony doesn’t emit mycotoxins, it increases the deterioration of a home and presents safety hazards.

Does This Mean That Mold Testing Should Never Be Done?

Well unfortunately, its not that simple. The key thing to focus on here is that there are 5 main authorities on mold remediation and mold testing. The EPA, AIHA, OSHA, IAQ and ESA. Out of all 5 of these organizations, the only one that strongly advocates mold testing is the ESA.

Why Is The ESA Such A Strong Advocate For Mold Testing?

One explanation is that the ESA stands to benefit (financially) from mold testing. While the EPA, AIHA, OSHA and the IAQ do not. The reason for this is because most of the companies who do mold testing, are sending their samples to the ESA. Naturally, the ESA is paid for this. With other branches, this is not the case.

For example, you can’t send mold samples to the EPA and ask them to test them, since this is not something that the EPA does. And since there are no federal regulations on mold testing, companies are free to do whatever they’d like.

If This Is True, Doesn’t This Change The Ethics of Mold Testing?

Yes, it does. Our company likes to be 100% transparent with its clients. There is no doubt that mold testing can be abused and become an unethical practice. In truth, this is happening every single day in New Jersey as we’re about to cover.

We have heard time and time again, experienced mold companies referring to this industry as “the wild wild west”. And you don’t have to work in this industry to know that there is corruption. Many media sources are well aware of this corruption and its become a more serious problem over recent years.

In fact, ABC, CBS and NBC have all done shows on mold testing in New Jersey over the last 12 months! Two out of three of these organizations (ABC & NBC) conducted undercover “stings” in effort to bring attention to this problem. The last time this was done, 6 out of 9 mold remediation companies were found guilty of lying to clients, advocating testing when testing didn’t need to be done, over using testing, identifying mold that was really black paint, and some companies were found guilty of outright fraud.

So What Does This Mean For Mold Testing in New Jersey & Who Can You Trust?

Your best bet is always to get multiple estimates. MMRG is well aware of all its competition, and which companies are playing by the rules and which companies have reputations for fraud and unethical practices. We’ve seen them on tv, we’ve spoken to disgruntled former clients, but for legal reasons, we can not mention the names of these companies.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t guide you in the right direction.

There is one company specifically, who is notorious for mold testing. They recommend it for every client they meet, as many tests as possible, whether its needed or not, whether its ethical or not… they just don’t care. And we know from experience they have a good sales team who has perfected the process of coercing homeowners into believing they really need these tests done.

So we will give you one clear warning, if a company writes you an estimate for $1,500 or more, for nothing other than mold testing, there is a good you’re being ripped off.

Is There Any Other Advise You Have About Mold Testing in NJ?

If you call up a company, they come out and immediately preach the importance of mold testing, then you need to ask “why?” Companies will give lots of excuses. So it would be wise to write a short list of the excuses we’re aware of.

1) “Mold testing will clear your home of toxigenic molds, so if you ever sell the home you’ll be safe from litigation.”

This isn’t true. Since you can never remove 100% of mold from a home, you are never “safe” from litigation.

2) “For your own safety, it is important to determine if there are toxic molds in your home.”

We like to call this the “safety excuse”. Logically speaking, if a company cares about your safety, they’re not going to postpone remediation and wait days or weeks for the results of a mold test.

3) “For the safety of our workers, we need to know if there is any toxic mold in your home.”

This is simple fear mongering. Any trained mold testing / remediation company is going ┬áinto your home with proper PPE (personal protective equipment) like tvyek suits, gloves, N-95+ respirators. So the health of their employees is never in danger, unless they don’t wear PPE. And if they don’t wear PPE, they have no right being in this industry in the first place.

4) “If you have kids in your home, and we miss any toxic mold, then your kids get sick, you can sue us later.”

This is one of sliest tricks in the book. The problem is that no mold testing company is actually this stupid. If you read the contracts they give, in really tiny writing, you’ll see a thousand and one reasons why you can’t sue their company. This is always one of the first reasons and every company in this industry knows how to cover their rear.







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