Identifying Mold – What Next?


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You’ve Identified Mold In Your NJ Home – What Happens Next?

Mold remediation is the removal process of mold and mold contaminated materials. The mold remediation industry is continually becoming a much needed one. With homes being built tighter (energy efficient), these homes can almost become suffocated and moisture and mold is bound to happen. New information, on mold and its effects is being offered and revision/updates in existing industry guidelines and techniques are continually being developed and refined as knowledge increases. The mild remediation industry involves a wide variety of specialized skills. Remediation professionals need to be able to perform some basic and advanced procedures that are very similar to what has become standard in asbestos removal and cleanup. This is an emotionally charged topic, because potential health concerns and costly property damage is the overall reason for mold remediation to occur.

Our mold inspectors/assessors take the proper steps in identifying the source of moisture and how that can be corrected. Controlling the source of moisture or eliminating the chances of recurrence is by far the most important factor. Poorly planned or executed mold control efforts can change potential problems in actual hazards or increase the effects of existing contamination. Improper remediation efforts, no matter how well intentioned, can harm the individuals conducting the work, endanger the home or building occupants, and substantially reduce the value of the property.

Our remediation methods will change based on many variables. The chemicals we use may change depending on the occupants sensitivity, the amount of removal is based on what could be hidden and not visible to the naked eye, and different building material may require different cleaning agents. Some building material and personal belongings must be assessed on a case by case basis. Some mold growth my have penetrated the material so deeply and compromised the integrity of the material that discarding it is the only option. There is also whether it will be to costly to clean rather then just discarding it.

We use only the most advanced cleaning agents, antimicrobials, and biocides. All of our work is performed to ensure the safety our workers and the building occupants.

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