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Mold Remediation & Testing Ocean County New Jersey

For mold remediation, removal and testing in Ocean County, NJ – our company can handle all your needs. We’ve been providing mold remediation services for more than 10 years now. The life cycle of mold is best in dark, moist habitats but they can be found anywhere in nature. As long as their is organic material for them to feed off of, the will feed. Molds can grow on virtually any material you can think of. This includes jet fuel, paint, rubber, textiles, wood, paper, drywall, electrical equipment, glass and stainless steel. So if you have mold in your home, or if you’re experiencing symptoms of toxic mold exposure, it would be wise to have a CMI evaluate your home (certified mold inspector).

Ocean County, NJ is located by the East Coast. Many homes built in this area were fast tracked in order to save money. Contractors switched over from plaster to sheet rock because it was cheaper and easier to work with. But what they didn’t realize is that sheet rock makes a home 100xs more vulnerable to mold contamination. During the process of fast tracking, homes are left to stand for weeks on end, open to changes in weather, rain, and moisture that can degrade materials in your home… before its even built. Homes in Ocean County, NJ provide conditions that are very conducive to mold growth. Any construction flaw or damage to the structure can allow moisture which creates the potential for mold growth. Once the mold begins to grow, the frame of your home can erode and break down. So if this problem is ignored for years on end, you can wind up with a problem that costs thousands of dollars to fix.

Many people don’t understand the true nature of mold. It doesn’t matter if the moldposes a direct threat to your health or not. Even if the mold doesn’t admit harmful mycotoxins they can still pose significant safety issues for your home. Safe strains of mold will still sit inside of your house and feed off of the wooden frame that keeps your home in one piece. So even if you’re not experiencing symptoms of mold exposure that doesn’t mean you should leave the mold inside of your house. Any certified mold inspector will tell you that it doesn’t matter how much or what type you have. What matters is why you have mold in your home and what the possible repercussions are if you decide not to treat it. If you live in Ocean County, New Jersey and you’re looking for mold remediation, removal, or testing then please get in contact with our senior inspector. We provide free mold inspections for all New Jersey homeowners. So if you have any questions feel free to get in touch and our team will do its best to help you out.


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