What NJ Real Estate Agents Need To Know About Mold Remediation


What NJ Real Estate Agents Need To Know About Mold Remediation

We get many calls from real estate agents and in this article we will outline some of their most common questions. If you are a real estate agent in NJ, please keep in mind our company will not be conducting a review of water quality or quantity, carbon monoxide, radon, septic, or wood destroying insects. We can offer a separate test for radon, and a septic dye test, which can be performed for an additional fee at the time of inspection, or for an increased fee at a later date.

Mold inspections for NJ real estate agents do not constitute a warranty, insurance policy, or guarantee of any kind, nor does it subsitute for sellers disclosure.

There is a provision in the agreement for notice requirement. This means that if you have a complaint, or feel that we have not done a complete inspection, or have to have the repairs done, you must contact us prior to any modifications, which would apply to the complain, and allow us to respectively investigate.

With that said, here are a few of the most common questions we get asked by real estate agents.

Do You Have A Binding Arbitration Clause?

Yes we do, which means that if a dispute cannot be resolves between ourselves, we agree to allow the matter to go to arbitration.

What Is The Limit of Your Liability?

The limit of our liability, as is customary for most home inspectors in New Jersey, is for the fee paid for the inspection.

How Much Is The Fee For Real Estate Agents?

There is no fee for initial assessments as long as the prospective home buyers will be present, or we can contact the prospective home buyer during the initial assessment. If we determine the necessity for mold testing, there will be a $200 fee per mold test. Any reports we provide are for your benefit, and the benefit of the prospective home buyer. And it may not be re-sold or made available to anyone else without our consent.

Are You An Independent Business Owner & What Are You Qualifications?

Yes, MMRG, LLC is a limited liability, independent, family owned business. We are fully licensed & insured (with full pollution/mold liability insurance), we do not work directly for any lab, and we are certified by the ESA, IAQ & IASA.

Is There Anything Else You Think We Should Know?

Yes, all mold conditions may not be apparent during the inspection; it is for this reason that I strongly suggest inquiring with the seller as to any known past water leaks or mold / microbial issues. This would be important for us to know before we begin our inspection.

In addition, please be sure to inform me of any specific concerns you or the prospective home buyer may have about the home prior to the end of the inspection.

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